Falcon Awesome

Falcon Awesome

Acoustic , Americana , Classic Rock , Jam Band , Pop , Rock , Rockin Blues

Falcon Awesome was formed in the summer of 2015 a writing and recording project intended to soothe the soul of musicians who had grown tired of the commercial music scene. The goal was simple: the song comes first.

To us, the song is not a vehicle to show off musical prowess –there’ll be no silly modern vocal runs, no extended rock-star wannabe guitar histrionics, no in-your-face drums theatrics—rather, the song IS the point, the story, and the goal.

Jason Tomascik is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who has fallen into the role of primary vocalist for this band because of his captivating voice and personality. He breathes an old soul into a modern sound, and just bubbling under the surface of his dynamic voice is a touch of Gospel and Soul that give him a commanding ability to tell a story.

Michael Errion is the main guitarist for the band, and blends a unique set of styles that results in a performance that is both dominant yet subtle in its delivery. Blending traditional blues with a funk influence and love for classic rock riffs, the result is something rare in the modern era: a guitarist who brings a unique and immediately identifiable sound to the table.

Vance West is a powerhouse drummer who is the engine behind the band. Growing up under the influence of progressive rockers, he developed an aggressive style and attack is tempered by a love of dynamics, space, and intricate cymbal work in musical arrangements. The result is a masterclass demonstration of restrained power where the listener knows he could break loose at any moment yet chooses not to.

Lonnie West is a guitarist who returned to his roots on bass guitar because of his love of rhythm and groove. As a songwriter his influences jumped from the classic country and folk music of the 60’s and early 70’s straight into 80’s feel-good anthem rock. The result is a style that drives straight to the heart of a song and defines the vibe that keeps toes tapping and the dance floor hopping.

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Sat, March 18, 2017
7pm       $5.00      
Sat, November 26, 2016
11pm       $5