Hooch and Hive

Hooch and Hive

1001 W Cass Street
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 251-1234
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“Light time workspace… night time showcase”

Hooch and Hive is a music-centric café, cookery and cocktail haus with a heavy local art influence, good AF sound system, inspired menus, and a deep desire to have a huge impact on Tampa’s creative scene. We focus on the passions of the city’s subcultures and offer an uncommon experience only found outside the mainstream.

Upcoming Events

Artist Date
Gary Lazer Eyes
Alternative, Funk, Indie, Rock
w/Parrotfish, Visit Neptune
Fri, June 2
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Past Events

Artist Date
The Dirty Janes
Classic Rock, Rock
April 16, 2023
6:00pm - 12:00am
The Dirty Janes
Classic Rock, Rock
March 4, 2023
8:00pm - 12:00am
$12 ADV 15 DOS
Jon Ditty
Alternative, Hip-Hop/Rap, Indie, Jam Band
Jon Ditty opening for Homeboy Sandman
February 3, 2023
8:00pm - 11:00pm
$15adv / 20dos
Matt Woods & the Natural Disasters, The Burke Bros, Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters
Multi Band event
November 11, 2022
8:00pm - 12:00am
Ashley Lux Band
Pop, Punk, Rock
Ashley Lux Band Acoustic
November 4, 2022
5:00pm - 7:00pm