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Our job is to help people find live music in their area every day.  We think music is fun, brings people together, and is important to the vitality of the community.  The next time you ask “where will we go tonight?”  let us help you. currently covers much of the Tampa Bay area, and with your help we will grow to serve more communities.  Remember folks... Music Makes The Town Go 'Round! Search now!

"Our mission is to help people find live music in their area every day. We work with venues, as well as their patrons and artists, to offer complete and convenient event information. We think music is fun, brings people together, and is important to the vitality of the community."


How Does It Work?

Whether you spell it or, the website was designed to benefit music fans, local venues and musicians.

Music Fans: Anyone can find live music close to home in Tampa Bay when using GoTonight's zip code search. In addition, patrons can search artists, venues, and genres. Sign up for Friday email reminders and news from here: Friday Event Reminder.

Venues: After completing the registration process, venues can, at no cost, reach thousands of readers every month simply by entering their events at  The site will display the venue picture and description, along with event information, a map, and a link to the venue website.  Optionally, venues can purchase highlighting and advertising for enhanced visibility.

Performers:  Once registered, musicians can have their performances posted on free of charge, while also being given the chance to link their band’s websites to

It sounds so simple, because it is... Register today and you too can reap the benefits of being connected to the entertainment community.

 What People Are Saying About Us

“GoTonight and Don McKeon have done so much for the live music scene in Sarasota/Tampa.  As a musician, it's great to know that there is an organization willing to support the entire live music community.  GT is not genre or membership specific.  They support and advertise any artist who simply registers a profile (for free!) on the site. It's a great way for folks looking for a place to go on any given night, to find a venue and a band they'd like to visit and hear. I know, as a musician, it's a great way to find out where to hear my friends play on my nights off!”Lauren Mitchell

“I just wanted to tell you that in this month alone I had about 3 separate people tell me... "You guys sound great!" And I replied " Thanks so much, where did you hear about us or the show" and they said "GOTONIGHT" so just wanted to share that with ya! Great job.”Danny Brantley

“I just booked an artist yesterday from this info. Great Job! This is an incredible information center for artists/venues/promoters. Thank you for the great info” …Kinne Pearce, Promoter

“ and SUGAR PHIX together is unstoppable!” …Jason Taylor of Sugar Phix Band

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